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Re: (TFT) When to deduct for a thrown spell

>This one's got me a bit stumped.  Sal, a fighter (adjDX 9), and Cheech, a
>wizard (IQ 12, adjDX 9), come across a pair of giant snakes (adjDX 12).
>Battle ensues, and the snakes make their strikes first.  Cheech then
>successfully casts a Control Animal spell on one of the snakes.
>Since the snakes have already made their attacks, I'm assuming that Cheech
>can't have it attack the other snake until the next melee round.  Correct?

***  Correct  ***

>If that is the case, does the spell still cost Cheech 2 ST this round and
>1 ST the next?  That is essentially a 1 ST penalty for having a lower adjDX
>than the animal controlled.

***  Correct  ***

>It seems to me that there are 2 other ways of dealing with this situation:
>1) have the controlled snake immediately carry out an action of the
>   controlling wizard's choice
>2) Wait until the next round to deduct the 2 ST from the wizard
>How would you handle it?

	I would say that the casting wizard suffers a 1 fST penalty for 
having a lower adjDX than the snake.  Why would that be a problem?
If you give the snake an extra attack then lets say you have a very high
DX low IQ fighter.  He attacks then a friendly wizard controls him. He
gets another attack.  Then ANOTHER friendly wizard controls him, 
and he gets ANOTHER attack, etc.

	If you say that the wizard does not pay the fST for the spell 
when it is cast, you have made a special rule for this case, which adds 
to the complexity and learning curve of TFT.

	What you could do is use the basic combat system where
all attacks and spells act simultainiously.  No one I know uses that
system because we like having speeds high enough that we can attack
first and floor the enemy before they get a chance to strike back.



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