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Re: (TFT) When to deduct for a thrown spell

> 	I would say that the casting wizard suffers a 1 fST penalty for 
> having a lower adjDX than the snake.  Why would that be a problem?

It's not a problem, per se, but clarification seemed to be in order.

> If you give the snake an extra attack then lets say you have a very high
> DX low IQ fighter.  He attacks then a friendly wizard controls him. He
> gets another attack.  Then ANOTHER friendly wizard controls him, 
> and he gets ANOTHER attack, etc.

The thing that seems "wrong" to me is an action/reaction sort of thing.
When a spell is cast, there's an effect.  I cast Slippery Floor, poof!
There's a slippery megahex.  I cast Sleep, poof!  The victim's asleep.
I cast Fireball, poof!  Someone takes damage.

In this case, the spell is cast, ST is expended, but there's no tangible
effect this round, only the promise that I can control the animal next round
for the extra ST point it costs to renew the spell.  That seems contrary
to the intent.  There are cases (missle spells spring to mind) where you
may spend the ST without a result, but that's clearly known ahead of time.
It seems like the reward for a successful cast should be seen in that round,
by having the animal make another attack.

As to the case of a high DX low IQ fighter getting controlled by multiple
wizards, in order of adjDX, there's still one attack being made per figure.
If you think about it in terms of a melee turn equalling 5 seconds, and
one figure making 2, 3 or 4 attacks in that time, it seems absurd, but
TFT combat is more an approximation than an attempt at close simulation.
It's attempting to be fair, not accurate, I think.

I've moved on in the game (more on that in another post), and took the
extra turn (and still survived!), but am curious as to how people have
played this in the past.
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