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Re: (TFT) Armor Durability

Hi Rod,

	Thanks for the good question.  (You never find all
the bugs in your rules until you blind test them.)

	I once had more complicated rules for how long
armor and shields could last, where PC's were suppost to
keep track of how many points got thru the shield.  That 
was too much work, so I changed it to # of game sessions
where the GM felt that armor or shield had a good 'work
out'.  That was too much work.  So now I just say when
the item takes a HUGE amount of damage in one blow, 
it is toast (altho I normally let the armor last for the rest of
that combat).

	In answer to your question,  if cloth armor takes
12 hits in one blow (before the one hit stopped by the armor 
itself)  the armor is destroyed. Any spells enchanted on the 
toasted armor stop working at once. 
	Magic spells improve the durability of the item 
they are enchanted on in my campaign so any enchantments 
that stop hits would protect the cloth by reducing the damage 
to it before checking for its destruction.  So lets say you 
have a 2 point armor enchantment on the cloth and a Lether
Flesh Enchantment (A flesh spell that stops 2 hits) as well.
The cloth armor would have to take 16 hits before dying.

	If you spend 1.2 times as much in order to get
the 'twice as durable' modifier, it can take 24 hits before
being trashed.  (After a 12 hit blow it would need repairs, 
but the important thing is that the spells on it are protected.)


>Hey Rick,
>Just checked out your article about armor on Ty's site.
>It's really useful and I intend on using it.
>One question though...
>In the section on armor durability, you say for example;
>Cloth armor: 12 hits at once.
>Are you saying 12 hits from one attack?
>Or 12 hits over the course of one turn from any combination of attacks?
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Post to the entire list by writing to tft@brainiac.com.
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