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Re: (TFT) Masters of the Amulets

>>>>>>Hmmm... in trying to get to both of those addresses, I had trouble. 
>>>>>>Gator Games address connects, but no page comes up, and there's no
>>>>>>domain found for dragonstrove.com!

I couldn't find Gator Games either, but Dragons trove comes up under
http://www.dragontrove.com/ (leave off the 's').

>>>>>>I usually recommend against Earthsea (
http://www.earthsea.com/metagaming.html )
>>>>>>as they charge outrageous prices, but they seem to have copies of
both MotA 
>>>>>>and OrbQuest that don't have the counters that are going for $2 each.
>>>>>>to get the rulebook and play with the CyberBoard gamebox!

Well, gouging is in the eye of the beholder. If I didn't already have these
games I think they would be a be pretty good prices! I only resent it when
the games they're selling aren't actually that rare, but the Metagames
generally are hard to find.

By I still don't quite understand the CyberBoard concept. Are you really
just paying for a copy of the origional small box?

PS: Speaking of internet sites, you might be intersted in this one:
"http://plainlabel.galstar.com/PLTHero.html";. One of the best writers for
TFT and the one time editor of Interplay, has released "In the Name of
Justice" for free in PDF format. I believe that this was actually going to
be released as a superhero supplement for TFT but never got published. 

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