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Re: (TFT) Masters of the Amulets

Michael Taylor <MichaelTaylor1@compuserve.com> wrote:
> Well, gouging is in the eye of the beholder. If I didn't already have these
> games I think they would be a be pretty good prices! I only resent it when
> the games they're selling aren't actually that rare, but the Metagames
> generally are hard to find.

I was able to go from a copy of Melee and Wizard and 3 MQ's to owning all 
the TFT items in a period of about 4-6 months at a total price of under $200,
closer to $150 I think.  Earthsea would have you pay that just for the
AM/AW/ITL books!

> By I still don't quite understand the CyberBoard concept. Are you really
> just paying for a copy of the origional small box?

CyberBoard is a program that lets you computerize a game.  Basically, you
move the pieces around the board or map on the computer screen rather than
using physical pieces of cardboard.  These moves and corresponding comments
you type in are saved in a move file that can be emailed to an opponent and
played back.

It's really just replacing the physical paper maps and cardboard markers
with the computer.  For MotA I scanned in the counter card and made individual
pieces out of them, and scanned in the valley map.  I added the Melee map
that I had already worked up and a character record sheet that Walt had
worked on.

These components make up the "gamebox" - the collection of counters and
maps that comprise a specific game.  That's what I've created.  There's
nothing physical; it's all computer files.

There's no purchase necessary to own either the CyberBoard program or
my TFT GameBoxes - you just need to own the original game the "gamebox"
represents.  You really need that anyway, because the electronic files
do not have the rules, nor is it an electronic opponent.  It really is just
an electronic version of the physical game board and markers.

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