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(TFT) Anyone got NetNeeting?

I'm trying to work out the mechanics of playing a CyberBoard game as a
shared application in NetMeeting.

NetMeeting is the Microsoft conferencing tool, and it's available as a
free download from Microsoft's website or you can get the Win95/NT4.0
version in English here: http://www.brainiac.com/tft/Nm21.exe

The Shared Application feature lets 2 (or more) people use an application
on the host's computer.  In theory, when running Cyberboard, this will let
the 2 (or more) players move their own pieces, and allow inter-player
communication with text chats, audio or even video (if you've got the
hardware - I have no camera, but am wired for sound!).

Sooo.... if you've got the software (and since it's free, why not?), let's
give it a shot.  If you're already familiar with the software, I'm logged
onto ils2.microsoft.com as melee@brainiac.com.

If it's not too painful to share an application at modem speeds, this could
be a great way to have a regularly-scheduled TFT game without having to 
travel!  It'll sure beat playing solitaire.

Feel free to email me at the melee@brainiac.com address if you need help
getting the software running, or for anything else pertaining to this

        Joe Hartley - jh@brainiac.com - brainiac services, inc
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  Without deviation from the norm, "progress" is not possible. - FZappa
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