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Re: (TFT) Anyone got NetNeeting?

jh@metheny.brainiac.com (Joe Hartley) wrote:
> Sooo.... if you've got the software (and since it's free, why not?), let's
> give it a shot.  If you're already familiar with the software, I'm logged
> onto ils2.microsoft.com as melee@brainiac.com.

Sorry for my own followup.  I've discovered that the directory servers
out there (like ils2.brainiac.com) are none too stable, and will boot me
off after a short period of time.

I have discovered the "Host Meeting" function, though, and you should be
able to call me any time at coltrane.brainiac.com as the address.

And Ed, sorry :)  I do really get a lot of milage out of having a
dedicated connection to the Internet over a $20/month phone line.

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