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(TFT) Re: Mental abilities of controlled characters

>I agree with all the rest of your post, but have a minor disagreement on this
>part.  I think the controllee will know he was controlled, just not by whom.
>The rules say that when the spell ends, "it [the controllee] will not know 
>who controlled it", not "it will not know it was controlled".  I think if SJ 
>had meant the latter, he would have written it that way.

     I stand corrected.  He will know something came over him, and in 
most ITL settings would recognize the experience as one of being 
magically controlled.
     In my most recent campaign setting, magic is virtually non-existant. 
 In that situation (which was on my mind when I was writing last time) I 
assume that the person controlled would not recognize the effect as 
magic, but rather as temporary insanity, or something else.  Hypnosis has 
a similar effect, in the "real" world.  If you ask someone who was 
hypnotised why they did xxx, they will either say that they don't know, 
or make up a rationalization of some sort.

John Hill /;->
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