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Re: (TFT) Re: Mental abilities of controlled characters

John Hill:

  If asked later why he suddenly threw the bag of 
  gold he had been carrying into a well, or bet it 
  all on a 100-1 horse at the race track, he will 
  not know why.  He is likely to make up an excuse, 
  like "it seemed like a good way to keep the gold 
  safe" or "I had a hunch that the horse would win."

I agree with all the rest of your post, but have a minor disagreement on this
part.  I think the controllee will know he was controlled, just not by whom.

The rules say that when the spell ends, "it [the controllee] will not know who
controlled it", not "it will not know it was controlled".  I think if SJ had
meant the latter, he would have written it that way.

Warren Dew
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