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(TFT) Some Turkey Games

Regarding Some Turkey Games:

One of my friends was the co-author of a Fistful of Turkeys. Trace Hallowell
and he designed the game over a weekend and yes, it was a shot at Steve
Jackson. The original name of Billy Jackal was Little Stevie... He flat-out
says that Howard wanted to take as many shots at Steve as he could.

I agree that HT became a little warped after the split. Dragons of
Underearth (and subsequent editions of Melee) didn't even mention SJ. I
think he tried to eliminate all evidence of SJ's involvement in TFT. And the
$250K asking price for TFT was patently absurd; probably it was HT's way of
saying "you'll never get it back Steve..."

As Cardinal Richelieu said (the Charleton Heston version) "revenge is an
expensive luxury."

--Ty Beard

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