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(TFT) Gunpowder and Fantasy

>>I've read about this for a long time, and it always bothered me for some
>>reason, and I think I can nail it down.  From a pure "fantasy" standpoint,
>>which is tied to Middle-earth, Shannara and the like, gunpowder doesn't
>>exist.  It can't, really, since it would completely screw up the balance
>>of power to the first side that invents it.  Eventually, though, both sides
>>learn the secret, and it re-balances, but the old methods of conflict
>>resolution (swords and clubs, usually) disappear, to be replaced by the
>>arquebus, the Colt .45, and eventually the Uzi.

Didn't TFT limit that to having the dragoon dung being the only source
of the nitre for the powder, and that Dragons were very anti Gunpowder?

Also there IS a good reason for sets of rules for Wild West, SF and
Superheroes stuff for TFT. IF you run a game on Cidri then you never
know when you might need them, Cidri being the gateway between worlds.

And if you ever encountered a Mnoren ...

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