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Re: (TFT) Plainlabel etc

On Tue, 10 Nov 1998 08:29:39 -0600, Guy McLimore <guymc@evansville.net>

>ed at edhogg@equus.demon.co.uk on 11/10/98 7:23 AM said:
>>Does anybody know of any on-line games companies that stocks the
>>Plainlabel stuff that ships overseas?
>Sadly, *I* don't know of any overseas outlets for Pocket Fantasy as of 
>yet. I'll ask around, though, as I've had calls from the UK, Germany, 
>Japan, and Australia. We (at MicroTactix Games) are still deciding how 
>we're going to handle overseas sales for COMPACT COMBAT, but the games 
>are so small and light that there are several good options for mail 
>orders that shouldn't be too terribly expensive. We're not currently in a 
>position to do mail sales (even in the US) on Pocket Fantasy, though.
In the US then how DOES one get hold of your product? This IS a serious
question as I may be able to find someone who can buy your stuff for me
then and post it over.

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