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(TFT) Anybody interested on working on some of these?

Personally I would LOVE to work on some of these. 

Also, I've heard rumors that a city for Cidri was completed but never
published. I believe it was for the Warrior/Forest Lords series by
Gamelords. Anyone ever hear of this? 


Interplay listed a series of proposed TFT modules that they were
interested in seeing done:

TFT Mounted Combat Microgame
TFT Ship Combat Microgame along the lines of RAMSPEED
TFT Religious Rules Module
TFT Buildings Rules
TFT Flying Microgame
TFT Campaign Guides

There might be others we could think of, like politics, economics, arts
and sciences.  The world of Cidri is pretty barren of anything but gore
and guts :-)

Anybody interested on working on some of these?

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