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Re: (TFT) Gurps Unplayable???

Hi all,
	I've played in and GMed fun GURPS campaigns (a 
Cyberpunk campaign was a blast).  However for fantasy we
have drifted back to TFT simply because the combats are faster

	I don't think GURPS is broken.  It just needs loving
GM's to polish it for 20 years, like another game I know.


>I actually have to take exception to this. I think that the TFT conflict
>system does hold up rather well, even if guns and swords do interact. This
>is because the TFT system is a fantasy system, and therefore the
>effectiveness of a weapon is (and should be - in fantasy) based on the
>effectiveness of the *character* more than the effectiveness of the weapon.
>In the real world, my grandmother is just as effective with an Uzi and I
>would be. But in fantasy, none of us would play with that GM again, if WE
>were the sword-weilding character facing Indiana Jones. And in a
>game/fantasy, we *should* have a much better chance to dodge or escape that
>ignominious fate. So, just as in fantasy literature and television, swords
>and guns aren't so uneven as they are in real life. Why shouldn't they
>interact? The sword-weilding spaceman was a staple of science fiction for
>many years of pulp.
>I think one of the main reasons that GURPS is unplayable is because it
>forgot that it was not trying to simulate real life, but simulate the
>literature and television that most of us play games to escape to, rather
>than the vietnam brutality violence in GURPS usually becomes. 

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