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Re: (TFT) Masters of the Amulets

I actually have to take exception to this. I think that the TFT conflict
system does hold up rather well, even if guns and swords do interact. This
is because the TFT system is a fantasy system, and therefore the
effectiveness of a weapon is (and should be - in fantasy) based on the
effectiveness of the *character* more than the effectiveness of the weapon.

In the real world, my grandmother is just as effective with an Uzi and I
would be. But in fantasy, none of us would play with that GM again, if WE
were the sword-weilding character facing Indiana Jones. And in a
game/fantasy, we *should* have a much better chance to dodge or escape that
ignominious fate. So, just as in fantasy literature and television, swords
and guns aren't so uneven as they are in real life. Why shouldn't they
interact? The sword-weilding spaceman was a staple of science fiction for
many years of pulp.

I think one of the main reasons that GURPS is unplayable is because it
forgot that it was not trying to simulate real life, but simulate the
literature and television that most of us play games to escape to, rather
than the vietnam brutality violence in GURPS usually becomes. 


But what this proved to me was that the personal combat system in TFT
really holds up to lots of permutations, as long as they aren't expected to
interact, and that my "bothers" were just the failure of my head to scale
it down.
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