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Re: (TFT) TFT Rights

Actually I've heard (from people in the gaming industry) that that's not
true. That if he could, he buy it back in a minute. 

As far as character creation goes, I still think TFT with Handicaps not
only requires less work to build, but actually produces better characters.
I've seen way to many GURPS characters terrified of the number 13 - and yet
somehow still overconfident! 

One of the things I *like* about TFT is that if promotes specialization. I
think this makes better 'teams'. With GURPS, PCs can generally be replaced
with a 1/2 point worth of skill, so you don't really get the cohesive
parties you do in TFT. IMHO.


>>>>I imagine he's quite a bit happier with GURPS as an RPG design than
>>>>TFT.  For exaple, much as I like the simplicity of the TFT combat
system, I
>>>>really think GURPS does a better job overall when it comes to character
>>>>design (even though you have to do more work).
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