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(TFT) Re: Forest Lords

>>>>  How ya doing? I just was wondering if you had any response on your
>>>> copies of
>>>>  Forest Lords? I don't have a large collection of TFT. Only the 3
>>>> books actually. I would like to add to my limited collection. But i'm
>>>> really interested in paying "collector" pricing. What are you asking
if they
>>>> are still available? And if it is more than I can swing i'll let you
>>>> With no hard feelings becouse I understand there is a serious market
for TFT
>>>> items.
>>>>  Rod 

I really didn't get much response, which is too bad because I'm not asking
collector pricing. Just trade some copies of Vindicator magazine or other
Microgames I don't have. If you have anything to trade I'm pretty
reasonable. I have extras of both Forest Lords and Warrior Lords and some
Interplays magazines.

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