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(TFT) Call for PBeM games

Folks, I'm jonesin'[1] here!  Ever since my quest for the grail was
interrupted by the GM getting the call to work insane hours, I've been
trying to get a PBeM game together.  I tried Masters of the Amulets solo,
but that doesn't have the same thrill as having a real opponent.  (There's
just no surprise involved in the combat.)

I've got a permanent NetMeeting conference open at coltrane.brainiac.com,
so that a virtual face-to-face game could be played, but there have been
no connections so far.

I've had a few nibbles, folks curious about how PBeMs work, but no one has
yet stepped up to the plate and followed up with an acceptance to even
a round or Melee to warm up.

Could it be that you've all got active face-to-face games going, and
have no need of a PBeM game?  Or is it that there are PBeM games being
played already?  That'd be too cruel!

At any rate, _somebody_ out there must have a little free time to toss
a scrap of a game to this poor isolated gamer!  Please, drop me a line!

(Gee, I hope that's not _too_ pathetic; I'm trying to save up the pathos
in case this post doesn't work :)

[1] jones: to suffer a withdrawl from an addiction

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