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(TFT) Re: I am still looking for a copy of

I just went through my collection again and I thought I better give you a
list of what I've got. Especially since the spare Masters of the Amulets is
the worst of the lot! The list below is all the spares I'm willing to part

All counters are unpunched and NONE of them have the origional box OR bag.

1 Melee (map, counters, rule, good condition)
1 Melee (first edition, scribbles inside, bad condition, no counters or
1 Master of the Amulets (rat-chewed with coke spills, still playable, but a
couple of lines from the beginning rules missing from the bottom, has
counters and map)
1 Unicorn Gold (okay condition with counters and map)
1 Grail Quest (okay condition, with errata but no counters)
1 Treasure of the Silver Dragon (okay condition with map)
1 Death Test (okay condition with counters, but 4 counters have been cut)
1 Death Test (okay condition, no counters)
1 Death Test 2 (okay condition, with counters)
1 Death Test 2 (okay condition, no counters)
1 Wizard (good condition, with map and coutners, 2nd edition)
1 Wizard (okay condition, with counters but no map, 3rd edition)
1 Orb Quest (no map or counters)

As a I said, these were not 'collection' pieces, I bought them to play, I
just bought too many of them! Let me know if you still want any and what
you thinks a fair trade. 

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