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(TFT) Re: Dragons

Michael Taylor wrote:
> Barnacus is a good one isn't it? I like that one a lot. 

I use Barnacus as a base for adventures, the characters have lodgings in
the town and are regular customers at some of the shops. Lissar Hiss has
a Barnacus city monster licence that states he is the property of one
Flint Fireforge, Dwarf. He is supposed to wear it on a collar when he
goes out on the town so the authorities know who to charge for the

I have tried running the Barnacus adventure a couple of times and both
times the party missed or ignored the clues pointing towards the baddies
and went off in a different direction. The first time they were staying
in rented lodgings next door to the haunted house, but missed the
rumours and bumps in the night then hired a small coastal ship to go
pirate hunting. The second time with the current party, Lissar Hiss got
bored so they hired on as caravan guards and ended up in the current

> I would LOVE to see your conversions posted. I almost asked you to (I'm
> having a great time reading the story-so-far..) but I wasn't sure if you'd
> typed it up or just done conversions in your head.

It's a bit of both, when I have sufficient motivation I prepare the
adventure and write up my conversions and plot twists. The rest of the
time or when the party do something unplanned I wing it and try to
convert stuff as I need it. I do try to keep a record of their antics
and encounters, so sometimes I will write up my notes afterwards. Then I
might be more scrupulous about the conversions or adjust them with
benefit of hindsight. 

If I can get my notes into some more legible form, I will post them to
the TFT list or on my home site.

> I'm thinking (when I get
> some spare time) of putting together a Monster Book for TFT and I'd love to
> put in converted D&D monsters. I'd go out and buy the module if you did! (I
> don't really know if I have it or not!).

It would be good to have a TFT Bestiary available on the net. We could
all contribute some creatures to it.
The Acid Ice Flows and Trolls pages on Ty's site are both good examples
of the sort of thing that can be done.

The current scenario is adapted from TSR AD&D Dungeon Module N1 "Against
the Cult of the Reptile God" by Douglas Niles. I redrew some of the maps
and adjusted the setting to fit my background. The way things are going
we will probably finish this adventure by X-mas. I haven't another one
lined up yet so I may take a break while someone else runs something.


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