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Re: (TFT) [A] Up the Creek (without a Poodle)

Larry Elliott has the following Metagaming games listed at URL:

You can order directly from the link below the list.  Prices are given
in US and Canadian dollars.  Best to check beforehand to see if they<re
available.  Expect a delay of a day or so for the reply.

3117    Dimension Demons microgame           $8.00  US    $10.00 C
3207    Master of the Amulets                $8.00  US    $10.00 C
3208    Orbquest                             $8.00  US    $10.00 C
3304    Fury of the Norsemen                 $8.00  US    $10.00 C
3305    Fire When Ready                      $8.00  US    $10.00 C
5101    The Air Eaters Strike Back           $12.00 US    $15.00 C


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