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(TFT) [A] Up the Creek (without a Poodle)

Current Party Order:
Lissar Hiss     Reptileman, warrior, misfortune magnet.
Obsidious       Gargoyle, priest, in-human tank (with wings).
Torak           Human, adventurer, party conscience.
Striker         Human? Mighty Bolt Lobber.
Sam-Lee 	Halfling, enthusiast and party mascot.

NPC's           (Characters mostly without players)
Mr Chips        Human, carpenter, physician and magic sword-owner.
Mr Lightfingers Human, 'entrepeneur/security specialist', 
Flint Fireforge Dwarf, stout hearted adventurer.

I left my last report just as the roof fell in on Lissar and Obsidious.
Lissar fumbled his Dx roll to avoid falling timbers and was buried up to
his eyebrows. Fortunately the rest of the party leapt free and managed
excavate Lissar before any thing else fell on him. They retreated to the
cell where they found Sam-Lee and Lightfingers in order to recover and
heal up. Mr Chips patched up some of their wounds, however Lissar was
still badly hurt as was Torac from a previous encounter, so they decided
to use the healing potions they had acquired earlier.

Torak took his potion and was knocked out for six hours, Lissar failed
his risk roll with the potion and was just left with a nasty taste in
mouth. The potion rejected him!

An hour and a half into their rest period a scuttling sound was heard in
the corridor outside. Sam and Lightfingers recognised it from when they
had been imprisoned but they didn't know what it was. While the others
were discussing what it might be, Sam the halfling nipped out to have a
look. At this point his total equipment was a well used loincloth and a
borrowed dagger! He could hear the thing approaching along the corridor
so he decided to climb up the wall. This should have been an easy task
the wall was cut clay with timber props, then he decided he was going to
climb silently and quickly so I added an extra dice. He fumbled and
landed  on the floor with a loud Flooomph! Not hurt but he was winded
for a round, just as the thing came into sight. Something long and low
scuttling along on little legs, (the creature, not the halfling!) 
It spotted him at the same time and came scuttling towards him. He
managed to ready and throw his borrowed dagger, only to see it hit and
bounce off into the dark. 

He ran back into the cell yelling "It's a crocodile! Can I borrow
another dagger?" At the mention of crocodiles, Lissar Hiss struggled up
from his bed of pain and scrambled into his armour. 

The 'crocodile' [15 foot long, green, multi-segmented body, dozens of
little legs and a ring of eight tentacles around the mouth!] ran into
cell and scuttled right over the astonshed Obsidious who was holding the
door open.
"That's not a crocodile, it's a Carrion Crawler! This isn't D&D, what's
it doing down here?"

[See my separate post on the Carion Crawler.]

The crawler lashed out at Obsidious and hit him 3 times for a 3d save vs
ST. Obsidious's ST is up in the high teens so he can make these saves
fairly easily. This went on for two more rounds with Obsidious punching
the crawler for 2D and it hitting him with 3 tentacles each time and him
saving. [This is where I thought I ought to make the tentacle effect

All this time, Striker was winding up a lightning bolt "just in case",
Lissar was franticly struggling into his armour and the Sam the halfling
was trying to borrow or steal another dagger! By the third round Lissar
was dressed and rushed into the fight swinging his broadsword. The
crawler's head came round and hit him with six tentacles! He collapsed
in a twitching heap stunned by the crawlers poison. 

The following round Obsidious finished off the crawler, everyone except
Lissar heaved a sigh of relief.
They dragged the corpse out into the corridor, went back into the cell
and locked the door. After a while Lissar recovered and tried to get
some rest. An hour or so later they heard the same scuttling sound as
before followed by gruesome munching noises; the crawler's mate! This
time they kept the cell door firmly shut while Sam struggled to restrain
his curiosity. It was another three and a half hours before Torac awoke
from the healing potion. 

to be continued...
Chris Nicole	
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