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(TFT) Re: scenario conversions, etc

Michael Taylor wrote:
> Message text written by INTERNET:chris@loran.karoo.co.uk
> >>>>>If I can get my notes into some more legible form, I will post them to
> >>>>>the TFT list or on my home site.
> I'd love to see it written up that way. One of the hardest parts about
> running modules is when players go off in unanticipated directions. It
> would be really handy to run the adventure with the beneifit of your
> hindsight into what some of the weak points of the adventure were, or
> places where the players could go off on tangents.

The current scenario followed the published plot rather loosely. The
first part involved investigation into a secret society, despite the
name and cover of the game declaring the plot in bold headlines! The
party consisted mainly of fighter types so some of them found the first
half a bit slow. They met and interviewed various important npc's and
then forgot about them! Early on they stumbled on one critical encounter
with a nest of troglodytes hiding in the village, cleared it out, and
then seemed to think it wasn't unusual. 

Their initial investigation of the temple (the hub of the scenario) was
thwarted when an annoyed priest told them to "go away", and they did! If
Obsidious hadn't staged a solo breakin and found some very incriminating
evidence they might have missed the temple out completely. At one major
point I had to kidnap the whole party to get them back online, they
awoke chained up in the temple cellars after a memorable pub brawl. 
I was very dissatisfied with the temple part of the scenario and did a
complete redesign to fit it in with my worldview. As it was we missed
out the bulk of the published temple scenario. If/when I publish that
part I would have to offer my alternative temple and plot twists. 

The bits I have been reporting as 'Up The Creek' are the party's
investigation in the marsh. This was published as a traditional two
level dungeon, "The party arrive at a small island in the marsh.. There
are stairs leading down  a damp tunnel.." I moved the first level up to
the surface as a small village, paths and open clearings in the reeds.
The second level is pretty much as published. I like 'reasonable'
dungeons and this made much more sense to me. :o)

[The current scenario is adapted from TSR AD&D Dungeon Module N1
"Against the Cult of the Reptile God" by Douglas Niles.]

> >>>>>I haven't another one
> >>>>>lined up yet so I may take a break while someone else runs something.
> >>>>>
> Are you lucky enough to know someone else that will run TFT?

Not in my regular group, but there are a few that can run other systems.

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