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Re: (TFT) re - Critter Stats format

Michael Taylor wrote:
> What do you think of this format?
My comments are in UPPERCASE and/or [square brackets].

> This is a write up of the conversion I did from AD&D to TFT of the > carrion crawler for my Up the Creek adventure. 

[The intro probably isn't neccessary for every critter but helps to let
list readers know what the article is about]

> ST 40           MA 12
> DX 9            Size Multi-hex (4-hex)
> IQ 4            HS 3

[Your attribute table looks neater than mine, but Hits Stopped had me
puzzled for a while.]

> Attacks: 8 paralysing tentacles! The Crawler is 4 hex's long,  it can 
> Paralysing Tentacles; Roll 8D6; For each dice;
>         Unarmoured characters are hit on a 1, 2 or 3,
>  <snipped>

[Most critters will just have a claw or bite attack, but you could use
this bit for tactical or critter behaviour suggestions. 
e.g. The Wuzbar prefers to ambush its prey, attacking while they are
asleep or unaware. If it is confronted by a determined opponent it is
likely to back off but may follow prey or wait for a better opportunity
to attack.]

> If you want to make it really mean you can make the saves cumulative e.g.
> If they are struck 3 times in the first round and twice in the second round
> they must save at 5DvsST!

[This is optional, but may be useful to other GM's]

> Description: Mythological Monster. The carrion crawler looks like a > > huge green caterpillar with a ring of 2 foot long tentacles around its > mouth.
[I kept this short on purpose as it's a TSR copyrighted critter! I
assume if folks are converting material from other published game
information that they can refer back to their original source. SOURCES
MUST BE CREDITED! anything else is plagiarism/piracy. 
For your own creations or obscure mythological critters you can expand
the description as much as you like, though try to keep it relevant.]

Okay, now lets see someone else's contributions! :o)


p.s. I'd offer my TFT stats for that most noble beast; the guinea pig.
But the idea of anyone trying to fight one just doesn't bear thinking
about! :o)
Chris Nicole	
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