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(TFT) Re: spell conversion and priests

Message text written by INTERNET:chris@loran.karoo.co.uk
>>>>>So far I have only converted AD&D spells as I need them, usually npc
>>>>>priest or magic users.
>>>>>I agree it would be useful to list them for anyone to use (or disagree
>>>>>with :o). So far I am only working with spells in the AD&D (2nd ED)
>>>>>players handbook, I don't have the more recent stuff or the infinite
>>>>>When I play AD&D I hardly ever play a magic-user, I much prefer
>>>>>types. So, I am not that familiar with AD&D spells. 
>>>>>I can post the spells I have already converted and any guidelines I
>>>>>think of, then we can see what it stirs up. I'm sure other players
>>>>>have been doing the same thing. Yendorian has already posted his AD&D
>>>>>creature conversion tables, these are a lot more refined than the ones
>>>>>was using. I may go back through the creatures I have already worked
>>>>>to see how they compare.

I think that would be real handy for everyone. 

>>>>>I've seen the stuff you posted. That's a very long list! [just gone
>>>>>to have another look at it] There are quite a few duplicates in there
>>>>>i.e. One TFT talent may cover a few Traveller Skills. I might be
>>>>>to reorganise them in order of TFT talents with their traveller

Yeah, I kind of wish I'd waited to post it - writing out some adventures I
made some improvements. Also, I don't think I needed to convert anything
more than the Classic Traveller skills, the rest are pretty easy to figure

>>>>>Thinks.... forget that, just list the TFT talents, maybe
>>>>>GURPS goes too deep into specialised skills, using 3 or 4 when one

Yeah, I agree - there's actually a CHESS skill!? Who really NEEDS all that
knowledge about a character!? So of course, most people just buy the combat
skills and forget the rest! 

>>>>>As an aside. TFT's hymenopterans (bugs) are based on an alien race
>>>>>(dragons) in Jack Vance's "Dragon Masters" Sci-Fi novella. In the book
>>>>>these were breeds or casts of a lizardish race rather than Chitin's
>>>>>insects but the names and stats are the same. You could try a military
>>>>>SF scenario for Colonial Marines/Star Ship Troopers using the
>>>>>hymentoptera as the aliens. Try "Bughouse" from Interplay #6 for a

I didnt know that! I'll have to read this - that does sounds like a GREAT
idea. I'm even toying with a 'psuedo'-Traveller campaign based on the
WarpWar universe, but I haven't decided yet....

>>>>>One of these days I am going to have to work that out and write it
>>>>>Currently it really depends on what the priest says he is doing and
>>>>>I think they can get away with :o) 
>>>>>I don't allow the routine daily miracles players expect from D&D. 
>>>>>God moves in mysterious ways. The priest and the beneficiary should be
>>>>>in good standing with their god(s), and if the 'miracle' isn't
>>>>>in the interest of the god it's not likely to happen. The gods
>>>>>are not neccessarily the same as their priests!

>>>>>p.s. This discussion really might benefit from being aired on the TFT

Sounds good - I think I left enough that they can follow without clogging
the board!

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