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(TFT) TFT Campaign: Session 2

Story Notes from Session 2:

Wednesday, November 25, 4498
	As Ning and Dar, another man-at-arms, head out for the morning
patrol, they find a mutilated (and quite dead) body not far behind the 
D'gar and Thanan are eating breakfast when news of the body reaches the 
hall.  D'gar goes to look around while Garrett calls for Alex to come and
investigate the area.  D'gar and Alex uncover nothing of note except that
the body was disemboweled, there were sacks of grain near the body 
to the belief that it was a miller taking some grain to the keep), and 
the miller was coming from the nearby village.  Count Aznor, Sir Harrison,
Lorraine, and Tyrin arrive on the scene, and the four argue about whether
the killer could have been Ergadast.

	Garret sends Alex, D'gar, Ning and Dar on the path toward the
village.  En route, they spot some tracks... possibly belonging to an 
or reptilian creature.  Because there is only a single track, they 
that the creature is likely one that can fly.  A little farther down the
path, they notice a broken limb.  D'gar pulls down the limb and notices 
marks that indicate they could belong to whatever made the track earlier
down the path.

	The four report back to the keep, bringing the limb with them.  In
addition, another patrol rides up and reports that some sheep were found
ravaged.  Once Sir Harrison and the count are brought into the 
Alex asks to check out the count's library for possible tomes that might
give helpful clues.  Despite surprise that she can read, they agree to
consider her suggestion.  D'gar and Alex go to research the sheep and find
that several were killed in a limited area, indicating that there was more
than one creature responsible.

	Alex and D'gar return and report to Troy and Harrison.  Dormonde,
the chamberlain, had left an old book of fauna for Alex to research about
the creatures of the area.  Meanwhile, D'Gar leaves Alex and Ning to their
research and goes to the practice field to find someone with whom to spar.
Seeing Tyrin working away at a dummy, D'gar asks if she'll give him some
time.  She agrees.  D'Gar ends up discovering that Tyrin is a quite a
skilled swordswoman, for she immediately lands a good blow to the leg that
practically cripples him.  However, D'Gar also discovers that he finds
himself interested in the strong lady elf.  Alex finds only two listings
useful, the first for a gargoyle (but gargoyles eat only rock) and the
second for gryphons (but they have four feet).  Another suggestion put 
by D'Gar is that the killers could be smaller dragons.  All three are
definite possibilities, but none quite match.

Thursday, November 26, 4498
	Alex, D'Gar and Ning are invited to breakfast with count and his
guests (Sir Harrison and the two elves) the next morning.  Alex tries to
take Lorraine's side about the dragon not being the likely killer and
reiterates his findings.  Before the discussion can get very far, a 
from Plaize is announced and everyone leaves the table to go about their

	During the day, Ning goes to the village and talks to the villagers.
He finds no creatures hiding in the village.

	On orders from Sir Harrison, Alex and D'Gar search the perimeter
around the keep.  They find another set of tracks and more broken limbs.  
the way back, they run into Lorraine walking with a Goblin.  He introduces
himself as Rhigal, and they discover that he's the scholar who arrived 
morning.  Alex tells Rhigal about the situation and Rhigal speculates that
the events could be an indication of the existence of n'argoyles, or 
gargoyles.  He explains that the creatures are rumored to be a variant
species of gargoyle that does, indeed, eat any kind of livestock.  When 
fact that the only human being found dead was merely disemboweled and not
eaten is mentioned, Rhigal points out that gargoyle -- and n'argoyle -- 
bladders are valuable to alchemists.  Perhaps the man was a victim of a
n'argoyle with an ironic sense of vengence.  Rhigal also recalls that
n'argoyles are said to have chameleon-like powers of camouflage.

	When talking to Sir Harrison, it's decided that a trap needs to be
set in a logical herding place near the last set of tracks.  Sir Harrison
goes about arranging for all the shepherds to house their sheep for two
nights.  One night to make all the arrangements and get the creatures
hungry, the second night for the trap itself.  	Count Troy announces that 
won't be going along because he has guests to attend to that night.   
he is known for "getting into the ranks" with his men, the speech strikes
only Alex (who silently wonders why he would risk his life and the lives 
his men by joining in the first place) as odd.

Friday, November 27, 4498
	That morning, Alex sees Sir Harrison instructing Tyrin on the use of
the shield.  While sparring with one of the men-at-arms, Tyrin seems not 
be having much luck.  Harrison asks Alex, who normally fights with two
swords as Tyrin does, to help shed some light on using a shield.  Alex
agrees, but spends some time lecturing Tyrin on the value of multiple
fighting styles.  Harrison whispers to Alex that Tyrin is already a 
fighter than "he," and suggests Alex get on with the sparring.  The 
goes well, and Tyrin seems better able to grasp what her left arm should 
doing from someone else used to carrying a sword in the off-hand. 

	Later that night, Alex and D'Gar dress as shepherds tending a flock.
Ning, the archer, and two crossbowmen hide in one set of bushes.  Sir
Harrison and two other swordsmen hide in another set of bushes.  

	Some of the n'argoyles apparently detected the ambush, because the
swordsmen are attacked from the trees above while the other n'argoyles
attack the sheep.  One of the men with Sir Harrison goes down.  Alex is
pulled down by one of the foul creatures, but manages to free himself and
stand.  However, his swords still lay at his feet, beneath the n'argoyle
that grappled with him.  It stands to rake at Alex, who falls from a 
claw wound and another hit from a "friendly" crossbow bolt.  The battle is
bloody, but finishes with only one n'argoyle alive to escape.  D'gar is 
only other member of the group who is seriously hurt, but unlike Alex, he 
(barely) able to continue.  While the losses are counted, D'gar tends to
Alex's and his wounds.  Nothing can be done for the fallen man-at-arms.

	Harrison sends Alex and the dead swordsman back to the keep for
medical attention while he, D'gar, and Dar spend the night with the
shepherds so that they can trail the remaining creature in the morning.
That night, while tending to Alex, the leech pauses over the scout's 
as if perplexed by something he's noticed...

Saturday, November 28, 4498
	When they wake up and explore, D'gar picks up the track of dried
blood from the fleeing n'argoyle.  Following it, he finds a hill with two
entrances -- likely the nest of the n'argoyles.  They return to Aznor Keep
to plan and gather reinforcements.  

	D'Gar checks in with the master physicker when they return.  Sir
Harrison also goes to the medical tent to check on everyone and learns 
D'Gar should be ready for duty in 1-3 days, but that Alex won't be healed
for almost twice as long.  Sir Harrison is dismayed, since he needs at 
one of his trackers while within the n'argoyle nest.
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