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(TFT) TFT Campaign: Session 1

The Primary Cast (i.e., the PCs):
-->D'gar:  An ex-lieutenant in the Darokai military, D'gar refused to obey
orders to lead his troops to murder villagers wrongfully accused of
witholding food for the troops, and was rewared for his honesty with
imprisonment.  A sergeant loyal to his leader drugged D'gar's guard and
helped the lieutenant escape.  Fearing for his life, D'gar decided to get
far away and, having heard about Dihad from a comrade who sought his 
there two years past, decided to follow the same path.

-->Alexa (Alex) Darkwood:  A mercenary scout from Soukor, Alexa was bid by
her father, a horse-trader in Dibrey, to seek one of the five Bows of the
Ancient Lords, one of which is rumored to have been lost long ago in the
Dihadan county of Aznor.  Though not truly interested in pleasing her
greedy, bastard of a father, Alexa agreed to the quest to distance herself
from the memory of watching her lover of two years killed in battle.  
researched the chauvanistic customs of her homeland's neighbor, Alexa had
her father retain a wizard to cast Glamor upon her, giving her the
appearance of a man.

-->Ning:  A mercenary from Plaize, the capital of Dihad, Ning is always in
search of ways to sell his sword arm.  Having heard stories that the good
Count Aznor was increasing the size of his militia, and knowing that Aznor
County is not far from the rumored location of the Elven Kingdom (the 
people being a minor passion of his), Ning made his way south to gain


Story Notes from Session 1:

Friday, October 9, 4498
	Having been released from his wrongful imprisonment, D'gar collects
what he can and heads for Dihad, hoping perhaps to meet up with his 
Wendell, who went there two years past.  Following the simple directions 
"take the main roads to Balka (in Muipocco) then follow the Bolling River
until it meets the Swan River," D'gar begins his two month journey.  
About a
month and half later, weary from having made the long trip through city,
town, and wilderness, D'gar crosses the Swan and heads northward.

Thursday, November 19, 4498
	About midday, a day and half north of the Bolling, D'gar is
approached from the right by four horsemen.  Though not in anything as
official as his native army's uniform, they are obviously part of some 
of military unit.  The riders close the distance and warn him to be wary 
his journey along the road.  With some prodding, the leader tells D'gar 
a dragon has been sighted in the area.  The men seem truly concerned, and
offer to take D'gar back to their lord's keep for a safe evening.  D'gar
agrees.  Two men continue their patrol, while the other two provide 

	Along the way, the two men-at-arms introduce themselves as Ansley
(the ranking soldier) and Thanan.  D'gar mentions his profession, but is
hesitant to give much detail.  When they arrive, Thanan takes the horses 
the stables while Ansley takes D'gar to the practice field where two men 
training a small garrison.  Ansley identifies the two men as Garret, their
leader, and Sir Harrison, knight of the realm.  Ning, hired just that day,
is among the ranks of those being trained.

	Ansley leaves D'gar momentarily to talk to Garret, who then talks to
Sir Harrison.  Shortly there is a break, and Sir Harrison tells D'gar 
see about place to stay.  Apparently Ansley passed on to Garret (who
graciously told his superior) that D'gar served in the military.  Sir
Harrison inquires whether D'gar is looking for work and D'gar expresses
interest in joining the ranks.  The knight takes him inside the keep and
bids him to remain in the foyer while accomadations are arranged.  Shortly
the chamberlain arrives and takes D'gar upstairs to his room.  D'gar 
and rests.  In the room next to his, he hears female voices talking and

	A servant notifies D'gar about dinner, so he heads to the dining
hall to eat.  Sir Harrison is already there, and he remains standing
(gesturing D'gar to a specific seat) until count arrives.  A servant
introduces Troy, Count of Aznor, to D'gar.  Soon two women arrive as well.
D'gar is a little suprised to see that they are elven (a rarity in his
homeland).  They are introduced as Lorraine and Tyrin.  More surprising is
that Tyrin wears travelling leathers to dinner, rather than a dress to 
the attire of everyone else at the table.  Finally, a third woman enters,
announced as the Lady Elsa, and all are seated.  

	The talk centers around their guest (i.e., D'gar) and his native
Darok.  During dinner, D'gar notices that Troy spends a lot of time 
Lorraine and Lady Elsa, who both seem to stare a him much of the time.
Moreover, Tyrin and Sir Harrison exchange many a glance.  Not until dinner
has ended does D'gar realize that Tyrin spoke not a word during the entire
meal.  The count suggests a performance in library, and the two elves,
apparently bards, agree.  During the half-hour given for the musicians to
prepare, D'gar wanders about outside the keep and runs into Sir Harrison.
They speak in more detail about the job and D'gar's skills.  The knight
seems impressed, and all but offers him a position, though not before 
D'gar to report to the practice field in the morning.

	Upstairs in the library, Tyrin plays her flute and Lorraine plays a
lute and sings.  They are both quite skilled.  After several songs, 
suggests all go upstairs atop the ramparts to see the night sky.  Once
through the trap door and after a bit a group pleasantries involving the
fresh air, Tyrin and Harrison slowly make their way to one turret (and 
D'gar notices Tyrin and Sir Harrison talking) while Troy, Lady Elsa, and
Lorraine end up in another as D'gar gives them privacy.  D'gar notices 
Lady Elsa dominates the conversation among the three, leaving Lorraine to
sit wistfully in a crenellation.  A good hour later, all go down except
Lorraine.  Once in his room, D'gar find himself bored, so he returns to 
roof.  Lorraine is still there, and they talk briefly.  The lifespan of a
human -- as compared to that of an elf -- is brought up comes back up, and
D'gar makes mention of stories of elixirs of life-extension.  D'gar 
to his room and goes to bed.

Friday, November 20, 4498
	D'gar reports to field in the morning.  Sir Harrison and Garret are
there as well.  D'gar is told to spar with Thanan, and both are given
leather-wrapped wooden swords and shields.  D'gar explains that he is
uncomfortable with such a weapon, for he is used to his axes and hammers.
Sir Harrison insists on seeing what D'gar can do with a "blade," and the
match begins.  Due to his expertise with the sword, Thanan obviously has 
upper hand, though D'gar shows well.  Stumbling, Thanan's practice sword
slips free and falls to ground.  Misjuding his foe, Thanan bends to 
the weapon, and D'gar -- knowing he'll again be at a disadvantage once the
man-at-arms has his sword -- tackles him.  The two fall to the ground, 
D'gar is able to pummel the suprised Thanan.  Sir Harrisons watches long
enough to assess D'gars unarmed skills and calls for a halt.  Thanan picks
up his weapons while a club -- weighted to represent a war hammer -- is
brought for D'gar.  They lay on again and D'gar wins the second time as
well.  Having proved his prowess. D'gar is asked to join Aznor's garrison.
Garret tells him to have his bruises tended and then take the rest of the
day "off" before beginning work in the morning.

	D'gar reports to the physicker and then spends the remainder of the
day exploring the county.  At one point he notices that Harrison is 
him.  Apparently the knight is pleased D'gar spend his time so wisely.
Later that morning, Alex -- in male form -- arrives at the keep and is met
by a patrol.  Requesting employment, she is brought to the training field
and also tested.  Demonstrating superior skills with two swords (a 
uncommon in southern Dihad), and displaying solid tracking skills, she is
hired on by Sir Harrison as a scout. 

Saturday, November 21, 4498
	Garret hands out the various assignments (as changed by all the
recent hirings).  Ning and Alex are both assigned to general patrols.
D'gar, however, gets paired with Ansley for something new.  Apparently
someone handing out orders is concered about Lorraine.  D'gar and Ansley 
assigned to keep an eye on her from afar, without her knowing about it if
possible.  It's a 24-hour job any time she's outside of the keep proper.
Neither seem thrilled with the orders, but naturally they both accept 

	They wait.

	Around lunchtime, Lorraine takes a horse and goes riding.  D'gar and
Ansley follow at a distance.  D'gar, having always been an infantryman, 
no experience on horseback.  He has some trouble, but is able to stay atop
his mount (good thing Lorraine isn't going too fast).  Lorraine seems to 
heading west, though a little north of where D'gar first met Ansley and 
others.   They ride for several hours.

	Lorraine continues westward until she and her pursuers are outside
the county.  She crosses the main road (that parallels the Swan River) and
enters a small glade.  D'gar and Ansley follow, but suspect Lorraine might
have detected them.  Seeing Lorraine dismount, they do the same.  As she
passes through the light forest into a clearing. D'gar and Ansley crouch
behind some foliage to observe her.  A minute passes, and then the sound 
large wings is heard overhead, followed by the appearance of a large 
and then the landing of a large, silver-blue dragon.  Lorraine walks up to
the dragon, which is wearing a saddle.  The elf wraps her arms around its
head and the two hug for several long moments.  Then she opens a large
saddle bag and pulls out grooming equipment.  She brushes and scratches 
cleans and scratches and rubs and scratches for about half and hour, all 
while saying nothing.  Finally, they part.  The dragon takes flight while
Lorraine heads back to her horse.  As she steps toward the horse, she 
and waves at D'gar and Ansley.

	Ansley and D'gar return and report in.  Apparently that the dragon
was connected to Lorraine is not entirely a suprise to Garret.  D'gar also
admits to his lack of riding skills, and suggests someone else be assigned
to assist Ansley.  Garret reassigned D'gar to more traditional patrol
duties.  After leaving her horse in the stable, Lorraine remains within 
keep, so nothing else of note happens that day.

Sunday. November 22, 4498
	D'gar's assignment for the day is parapet patrol in the evening.
Alex and Ning are part of the region patrols.  There is no trouble, save
that late that evening, while D'gar is at his station, a tearful Lorraine
bursts from the trapdoor, followed by Tyrin, who is trying to comfort her.
Sir Harrison pops his head out and D'gar overhears him mutter something
about Lorraine being "needy."

Monday. November 23, 4498
	Lady Elsa departs the next morning.  At breakfast, Ansley and Thanan
reveal the rumor that the count is to "meet" the dragon soon.  Later,
Garrett confirms the story, and informs D'gar that he is assigned as one 
the entourage's escorts.

Tuesday, November 24, 4498
	Including the count, Sir Harrison, and the two elves, the party to
meet the dragon totals 12 people.  The trip, which never leaves Count
Aznor's realm, is short, not even as far as Lorraine rode a few days 
Once all are assembled in a nearby clearning, the events when D'gar and
Ansley sighted the dragon are repeated -- the beating of wings, the shadow
from above, the landing.  All but the elves are in awe, with Sir Harrison
particularly uncomfortable.  The count and the knight step forward, and
after an unusual pause, Lorraine introduces the dragon to Count Troy and 
Harrison as Ergadast.  The meeting is short and cordial, over in fewer 
ten minutes.

	All but Lorraine and Tyrin head back.  On the way, Sir Harrison and
Count Troy question D'gar about his impressions of meeting.  D'gar 
caution, but does not suspect the dragon represents a threat in and of
itself, tactfully implying that the dragon should be feared no more -- and
no less -- than the elves.
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