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Re: (TFT) Carrion Crawler

hope I'm not beating a dead horse. But I just caught this.

In a message dated 98-11-29 20:45:01 EST, you write:

<< 40 is high, there are various reasons for this. The original AD&D stats
 from the scenario are [AC 3/7; MV 12"; HD 3+1; hp 16; #AT 8;
 D=paralysis]. Steve Jackson's guide to converting AD&D to TFT (on Ty's
 tft site) suggested: "If a creature has 3 or 4 hit dice, multiply its
 average hit points by 2.5. "
 2.5 times 16hp gave 40. An average 3D+1 crawler would have 12 hp = ST
 30. Steve's hit-die to ST formula does tend to give high ST attributes
 for converted monsters. It's based on comparing starting AD&D characters
 with starting TFT characters. I would treat a starting tft character as
 third level AD&D. The hp-ST formula could be amended to reflect this. >>

I just wanted to point out that the Steve Jackson article about converting D&D
monsters is based on Basic not Advanced D&D. Yet the adventure where the
Carrion Crawler is converted from (Cult of the Reptile God) is an advanced
module. There isn't any problem with that except you must take into account
that in Basic the Hit Die is 1d6 in Advanced it is 1d8. There for the hit
points Steve was refering to modifing were based on an average of 3.5 per die
not 4.5 as a d8 would yield.
Subtracting 2 points per hit die from the "Cult of the reptile god" Crawler
would give it
10 hit points +1 for 11 hit points (Basic version). Figuring the final
modifier, the 2.5 for 
a 3 or 4 hit die creature gives a result of 27.5 rounded up to ST 28. 

There are a lot of changes from Basic to advanced that would have to be looked
at to use Steves conversion as is. Another is Armor Class which is different
in both systems as I touched on in an earlier thread.

All in all I belive Steves conversion system works very well and only falls
apart whan converting Man-sized and smaller creatures that have a lot of hit
dice. which is what prompted me to create my conversion chart. I'm sure it
isn't perfect either but no conversion system can be.
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