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Re: (TFT) Carrion Crawler

>I just wanted to point out that the Steve Jackson article about 
>converting D&D
>monsters is based on Basic not Advanced D&D. Yet the adventure where 
>Carrion Crawler is converted from (Cult of the Reptile God) is an 
>module. There isn't any problem with that except you must take into 
>that in Basic the Hit Die is 1d6 in Advanced it is 1d8. There for the 
>points Steve was refering to modifing were based on an average of 3.5 
>per die
>not 4.5 as a d8 would yield.
>Subtracting 2 points per hit die from the "Cult of the reptile god" 
>would give it
>10 hit points +1 for 11 hit points (Basic version). Figuring the 
>modifier, the 2.5 for 
>a 3 or 4 hit die creature gives a result of 27.5 rounded up to ST 28. 

Actually, monster HD in Basic D&D does use 8-sided dice.  While the
characters are proportionately weaker in Basic (Fighters using d8 instead
of d10, priests using d6 instead of d8, etc.), the monsters have
equivalent HP... unless you're referring to the original 3-book D&D game
(before either Basic or Advanced), where *everything* had 6-sided HD.  In
the first supplement (Greyhawk) when they introduced different HD for
different classes, they also mention that monsters now all use d8's for

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