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Re: (TFT) Carrion Crawler

In a message dated 98-12-04 18:12:00 EST, you write:

<< Actually, monster HD in Basic D&D does use 8-sided dice.  While the
 characters are proportionately weaker in Basic (Fighters using d8 instead
 of d10, priests using d6 instead of d8, etc.), the monsters have
 equivalent HP... unless you're referring to the original 3-book D&D game
 (before either Basic or Advanced), where *everything* had 6-sided HD.  In
 the first supplement (Greyhawk) when they introduced different HD for
 different classes, they also mention that monsters now all use d8's for
 HD. >>

Your may be correct about Basic being changed to d8 for hit dice at some
point. But
Mr. Jackson pointed out on his D&D conversion that he was converting d6's. It
does make a differance what you use. 
A 1 hit die creature using d6s comes out having ST 10.5 rounded to ST 11
A 1 hit die creature using d8s comes out at ST 13.5 or ST 14
It would tend to get way to high at the upper end using the d8s.
It's really no big deal anyway for I think it gets to high using either.
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