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Re: (TFT) Carrion Crawler

Not at all - I think this is information everyone will use. I think it
would be great to put up some 'conversion' pages where everyone can
contribute their favorite formulas. 

I've always been rather unsatisfied with SJ's D&D conversion, but I've
modified it to work for me (sorry, but I can't find it - I'll probably have
to recreate it). 

Of course, conversion systems can be perfect! It just takes a while....


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>hope I'm not beating a dead horse. But I just caught this.

In a message dated 98-11-29 20:45:01 EST, you write:

There are a lot of changes from Basic to advanced that would have to be
at to use Steves conversion as is. 

All in all I belive Steves conversion system works very well and only falls
apart whan converting Man-sized and smaller creatures that have a lot of
dice. which is what prompted me to create my conversion chart. I'm sure it
isn't perfect either but no conversion system can be.
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