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Re: (TFT) Re: Psionics in GURPS

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>>>>The rules were written for a campaign centered around
>>>>psionics.  If people want to play in a campaign where psionics
>>>>exist but are not very powerful, then I don't see any reason why
>>>>the GM can't make a couple changes.

What were they thinking? Why not just make 'psionics exist but are not very
powerful' the baseline for the game, and then increase the cost of the more
powerful psionics beyond what most normal PCs are allowed? 

>>>>    In my 'low psionics' campaign, there WAS a race
>>>>that used the full powered rules.  Psionics came much more
>>>>naturally to the Genorillii  than humans.  However the race was
>>>>much more peaceful and agreement seeking, the individualistic
>>>>humans were at a personal disadvantage but showed much more
>>>>initiative as a race.
>>>>    Rick    

That's part of the problem - in the normal psionics rules for GURPS, races
like that (or Vulcans) are prohibitevly expensive! 

Well, I'll try to get around to writing Psionic rules for TFT. Probably
starting from the Superheroes in TFT artcle by Ron Pehr. 

By the way have you ever written Trampling rules? It seemed like the kind
of thing you'd do, and they rules in AW definitely need an upgrade! 


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