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(TFT) Re: Skirmish Arrived

Message text written by "Ty Beard"
Hey there Michael. As time permits, I'm putting together a new combat
for SciFi weapons. I'm also planning to build a full sci-fi game using TFT
as the engine. I'm going to playtest it pretty soon and if it works, I'll
post it.


Ya know, putting together my own TFT Traveller campaign got me thinking.
The TFT combat system is still good, but it IS looking a little long in the
tooth. So I was looking at my Azanti High Lightning Rules and there combat
system is a simplified Action Point system. 

I've always liked Action Points (FASA's Star Trek the RPG used them to good
effect) and I thought that might make a good basis for a revised TFT combat
system that made better use of "options". What do you think?

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