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(TFT) TFT: Droids, DAWM, and IGDRIP

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>>>>>>>  Wow, another Droids player! -- I don't think the print run on it
was very
>>>>>>>large.  Droids was a pretty interesting little game.  I was a loose
>>>>>>>aquaintance of Drew Mounce -- the game's artist -- in Arlington, TX.
>>>>>>>think there was actually a capsule review of Droids in The Space

Yes there was - and it's actually a neat little game. In fact, I think it
would make a great Robot building system for TFT!

>>>>>>>Dream Along With Me (/really/obscure), =
>>>>>>>the game to hold my interest . . .  even worse than GURPS.

Ouch! That is bad!

>>>>>>>So if you hooked me up to IGDRIP then TFT would probably pop out. 
If you
>>>>>>>then push that button then something like GURPS would appear (except
>>>>>>>playtested much better and with no glaring careless errors).

That sounds about right. What the heck was SJ thinking? I'll always wonder
what would have happened if he had kept TFT? Would it have mutated *into*
GURPS or would it have kept its 'ease-of-use'? 

I've always heard that SJ had the choice between keeping Car Wars and TFT,
and he decided to keep the rights to Car Wars....just a rumor however...


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