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(TFT) Found a few things on the web

	In case anyone's looking and hasn't found these:

Crazy Egor's has Death Test 1 and 2, Security Station, and Melee (but with
the counters from Wizard) for less than $10 each - 

Castle Perilous has Death Test 2, Golden Unicorn, Grail Quest, and the
Screen for $5 each, and Wizard sealed for $10 -

	And yes, I bought all of these this week and last. :)
	CastleP stuff came promptly and in good shape; egor's I just
ordered troday.

* Brian Dunkle * Comp. Sys. Manager; general computer guy, networks 'n' stuff
* Division of Biomedical Communications, AHSC, Tucson AZ (much too hot)
* bdunkle@biocom.arizona.edu           http://www.biocom.arizona.edu/~bdunkle

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