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(TFT) Microgames for Trade + Freebies (if you need 'em)

<<I beg your forgiveness if this is a re-post, but I never got a confirmation.>>

I've got a number of "rare" and "hard-to-find" };-] Metagaming items I'm considering putting up for auction on eBay, but I thought I'd run them by the list to see if I could troll for trades for other items I am still looking for.  I'm also listing some miscellaneous game-parts that I've got laying around that you can have for free if you really need them and you send me an SASE.  Anyhoo.....

Here's what I've got:
(complete and in excellent condition unless otherwise noted)

* Microgame #7 Olympica (2nd ed.) - punched,ziplock
* Microgame #15 Hot Spot - punched,ziplock
* Microgame #17 Dimension Demons - unpunched in zip (missing box)
* Microgame #18 Lords of Underearth - punched in zip (missing box & 1 counter)
* Microgame #22 Helltank Destroyer - punched in zip (missing box)
* Microhistory #4 Fury of the Norsemen - unpunched in zip (missing box)
* Metahistory #1 Hitler's War - punched, fair condition w/ water stains (missing all the blank counters)
* Microquest #2 Death Test 2 - punched, boxed
* The Fantasy Trip: In the Labyrinth - light highlighting and pencil marks
* Space Gamer #58 - Car Wars Special w/ "Lair of the Fatman" for Top Secret!
* Space Gamer #60 - w/ "Robot Safari" for FutureWorld

Here's what I'm looking for:

Heritage/Dwarfstar -
* 6 counters for Grav Armor
     red Zeta 6     red Eta 5     red Ota 2
     blue Aza 3     2 green Del 3's

Metagaming -
* Microhistory #5 Fire When Ready
* Microquest #5 Security Station

Steve Jackson Games -
* Ogre Reinforcement Pack
* Illuminati Expansions #1, #2 & #3
* Necromancer
* Kung Fu 2100
* One-Page Bulge

Task Force Games -
* Battlewagon
* Star Fleet Battles (pocket game #4)

* Attack Force
* Remember the Alamo
* Vampyre
* Viking Gods

+ any other interesting micros you might want to deal..... 

Finally, here's the miscellaneous stuff I'll give away to a good home....

* Map and counters (1 missing) for Microgame #9 Ice War
* Incomplete Microquest counter sets for:
     #1 Death Test
     #2 Grail Quest
     #6 Treasure of Unicorn Gold (only gorilla #3 missing)
     #7 Master of the Amulets
     #8 Orbquest
* Complete counter set for Microquest #8 Orbquest
* Box for Microgame #19 Helltank

You can contact me off-list at:




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