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(TFT) Homebrew Rules

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>take the GURPS advantage and divide it by 5.
        therefore a 15 point GURPS phobia becomes a 3 point TFT phobia.<

Oh terrific! Now tons of TFT players with "Triskadekaphobia!" ;D

Personally, I prefer Handicapped Characters in TFT from TSG #51, by Forrest
Johnson and 
More Handicaps in TFT - TSG #57 by Ralph Sizer.

There are lot harder to 'number-crunch' than GURPS and there also a lot
more 'severe' than the easily ignored GURPS Disads. IMHO.

I think a fairer conversion would be:
0 TFT pts       = GURPS 5 pts or less
1 TFT pt        = GURPS 10 pts
2 TFT pts       = GURPS 15 pts
3 TFT pts       = GURPS 20 pts
4 TFT pts       (maximum for any single handicap) = GURPS 25 or more + pts.

The advantage of this is because every handicap is so severe, you wont find
players taking them just for the points. They have more  incentive to take
them for the role-playing because they're not 'free' points. 

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