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(TFT) Greff's Journal, 7th night

	I'm so mad I could spit!

	That druid snuck out of the camp tonight so he could
communicate with the enemies.  I roused the camp and we got a
ambush ready to take him down when he tried to sneak back into
the camp.

	When he comes back in, the Padrone questioned him 
and he gives this bull story about having a "feeling" that it was
safe to disobey orders again and sneak away where we can't 
watch him.  He has this "feeling" that the swamp should be
drained and a "feeling" that there won't be an attack tonight
when everyone knows goblins prefer night attacks.

	The Padrone buys it.

	Instead of killing him or demoting him to 'sheep 
last class',  Ben gives him a little talk about disobeying orders
is not good and tells everyone to go to bed who is not on 
watch.  All the sheep are getting worked up about that druid
being criticised even slightly.  Then Ben takes me aside and
tells me I'm too blood thirsty!!!  That I am to not bother 
watching that druid,  he will do it!!!

	I just don't know what to do.  I hope I live long 
enough to get revenge when it betrays us and wipes us out.

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