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Re: (TFT) IQ

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One of the problems with an adjIQ concept is the tests that
are made against IQ ... such as a 4D roll vs IQ to notice 
a trap, solve the puzzle or whatever.  Such tests should be
made against a characters base IQ but modified according to
what skills they have.

The idea of knowledge points that I just dreamed up is that
more intelligent characters get to learn either a wider 
variety of skills or, by purchasing a talent more than once,
gain a deeper knowledge of skills than was previously
possible.  They would, however, still be limited when 
confronted with new situations (due to unchanged IQ score).

On the other hand, maybe I'm the one who is missing the
point!  Been known to happen before ...

Dan Tulloh

Well, it does seem like your rewarding high IQ even more than it already is
an advantage. You get better spells and talents and with the IQ Table, now
you get even more of them.

I have a much easier time believing a dumn policeman could be more skilled
than believing that high IQ people are vastly superior in all their

I really like Rick's solution of allowing IQ points to cost extra if they
are over your IQ.

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