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Re: (TFT) TFT: Even More AdjIQ

David Seagraves writes:
> I thought this [adjIQ] was described pretty clearly, but I'll take 
> another look at it.  I think maybe it could be written a bit better.

One point that should be addressed: the calculation of the figure's
"characteristic total".  (You know, the number used to figure the 
cost of additional characteristic points.)  Do points of adjIQ (or
memory, or IQ points, or whatever the hell you want to call them)
increase your total value?  I would imagine the answer is "yes, on
a 2 for 1 basis", but it should be explicitly stated.

> Warren writes . . .
> >Elegance?  It's the lack of elegance in terminology that causes me
> >to dislike adjIQ in this usage.
>  It felt like an elegant term to me because if one were to come up 
> with a rule that described something called "adjIQ" then this 
> optional rule would be it.  But perhaps "IQ Points" would be even 
> better -

Please, please, no.  The distinction between "IQ" and "IQ points" and
"point of IQ" is so subtle it's just a recipe for confusion.  Actually
I prefer "memory" myself, but have no problem with adjIQ.

> - the term is already in wide use and defined in the rules.

The whole IQ vs. IQ total vs. IQ points vs. IQ point total issue is 
confusing in the original rulebook, and excusable there only because 
total points of IQ always equals the IQ score in "textbook" TFT.  

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