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Re: (TFT) TFT: Even More AdjIQ

On Sun, 1 Aug 1999, Dave Seagraves wrote:

>    Having a talent doesn't necessarily mean a figure can do it well.
> Success with a talent is also dependent on whatever attribute is rolled
> against for typical tasks.  (Of course, this is a slight weakness in the
> rules (reality-wise) that we've all learned to live with.)

Well, ok ... let me rephrase that.  Having a talent means that the
character has (more than likely) received some training with regard
to that talent.  The discussion under MUNDANE TALENTS is illustrative
here.  Cook is listed as a mundane talent.  Does this mean that a 
character needs to have a 'cooking' talent to be able to roast last
nights catch or throw some greens in a pot?  No.  (If you want to 
taste good, thats another matter.  :) )  Do you need to be a 
carpenter to erect a lean-to?  No.  But a knowledge of carpentry 
might help you build a lean-to that will survive a thunderstorm or
strong wind.

>    Nowhere in ITL does it allow characters to have talents for free 
> just because a particular talent is associated with the society in 
> which they live. 

As I tried to illustrate above, not having a talent for something
doesnt mean that it can't be known or attempted on some level.  To
continue, do I really need to have a sword talent before I can pick
one up and hack at an opponent?  No - I can swing the thing like a 
club just as well as the next guy.  TFT:ITL says that "A talent is
a special ability."  Just because I don't have a special ability 
in an area doesnt necessarily mean that I know nothing about it.

Dan Tulloh

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