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Re: (TFT) RE: Skill points & Brawling

grabowski wrote:
> In doing this adjIQ thing, skill thing, ETC., you have added a fourth
> attribute. 

True, with the caveat that this "attribute" always works in conjunction
with IQ, in that it's sole purpose is to allow learning of skills in
excess of the "normal" limit.  It's not like you'd ever roll against
the adjIQ value.

> A question would be if you add an IQ point through experience do you 
> automatically gain 1 in skills/adjIQ?  If you are going to use this 
> it would seem reasonable that you couldn't as that 1IQ point may have
> been gained through the experience of perception or the concentration 
> of disbelieving images/illusions, rather than studying for a new spell 
> or talent.  

Well wouldn't the same be true of IQ gain even with "textbook" TFT?

> But then again, it's a HOUSE RULE that I may or may not use.

Hey, of course it is.  I'm sure no one's trying to tell anyone else
how to run their game; I for one like David's HOUSE RULE about adjIQ
quite a bit, and think it's an interesting topic.  My apologies if I
came across as being pushy or something.

> IQ 8
> BRAWLING (1).  HTH fighting experience in cheap tricks: biting, 
> gouging, throwing sand in opponents eyes, etc.  This talent allows
> the the character to do +1 damage in HTH combat ONLY.

Would this effect be cumulative with martial arts?  Daggers?

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