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(TFT) Dave's rules

	These rules are almost identical to the way I work memory
superscripts,  I don't think you will have any problems with them.
I tried out the 2 for 1 version for a long time but eventually went to
3 for 1 since I have added so many talents that people needed the 
extra memory.
	One thing that your players should be aware of is that 
buying memory superscripts is great, but eventually they really 
will NEED that IQ.

	Good luck.


>Adjusted IQ
>   Attribute points can now be spent to increase the /IQ points/ a character
>can spend to learn talents and spells.  It costs one attribute point (which
>isn?t otherwise spent on ST, DX, or IQ) to increase a character?s ?adjIQ? by
>two.  (Normally a character can learn no more than his IQ in IQ point?s
>worth of talents and spells.)  So a character with an IQ of 10 who spends
>one attribute point for a +2 adjIQ will then have an adjIQ of /12/, giving
>him 12 IQ points to spend on talents and spells (but his base IQ remains
>   Attribute points spent on increasing adjIQ /do/ count towards a character
>?s attribute point total.  So Humar the Human Archer (ST 11, DX 16, IQ 10
>(16)) is a /40/-point character (11+16+10+3), not 37.
>   When increasing IQ/adjIQ through experience, you can either increase your
>normal IQ by one point (which increases adjIQ by 1 as well) or (if your
>adjIQ is higher than your IQ) you can increase normal IQ by two /if/ adjIQ
>remains the same.  The same character above, with an IQ of 10/12 and a new
>attribute point to spend, could either increase his IQ by 1 (making him IQ
>11/13), increase his IQ by 2 (making his IQ 12/12), or increase his adjIQ by
>2 (making his IQ 10/14).  But in any case a character?s normal IQ can never
>exceed his adjIQ.
>   This rule change gives characters a way to become cinematic
>highly-skilled heroes and wizards (like many characters of fantasy fiction)
>without forcing them to buy unrealistically high IQ?s, while still requiring
>them to pay for it in some way.

>Dave Seagraves

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