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(TFT) TFT: adjIQ

Stan writes . . .

>One point that should be addressed: the calculation of the figure's
>"characteristic total".  (You know, the number used to figure the
>cost of additional characteristic points.)  Do points of adjIQ (or
>memory, or IQ points, or whatever the hell you want to call them)
>increase your total value?  I would imagine the answer is "yes, on
>a 2 for 1 basis", but it should be explicitly stated.

   (Mmmm . . .  this is at least the second time I've been asked a rule
question about this adjIQ thing.  Now I know how Loren Wiseman feels.  8^)
   Here it is again, slightly rewritten . . .

Adjusted IQ
   Attribute points can now be spent to increase the /IQ points/ a character
can spend to learn talents and spells.  It costs one attribute point (which
isn?t otherwise spent on ST, DX, or IQ) to increase a character?s ?adjIQ? by
two.  (Normally a character can learn no more than his IQ in IQ point?s
worth of talents and spells.)  So a character with an IQ of 10 who spends
one attribute point for a +2 adjIQ will then have an adjIQ of /12/, giving
him 12 IQ points to spend on talents and spells (but his base IQ remains
   Attribute points spent on increasing adjIQ /do/ count towards a character
?s attribute point total.  So Humar the Human Archer (ST 11, DX 16, IQ 10
(16)) is a /40/-point character (11+16+10+3), not 37.
   When increasing IQ/adjIQ through experience, you can either increase your
normal IQ by one point (which increases adjIQ by 1 as well) or (if your
adjIQ is higher than your IQ) you can increase normal IQ by two /if/ adjIQ
remains the same.  The same character above, with an IQ of 10/12 and a new
attribute point to spend, could either increase his IQ by 1 (making him IQ
11/13), increase his IQ by 2 (making his IQ 12/12), or increase his adjIQ by
2 (making his IQ 10/14).  But in any case a character?s normal IQ can never
exceed his adjIQ.
   This rule change gives characters a way to become cinematic
highly-skilled heroes and wizards (like many characters of fantasy fiction)
without forcing them to buy unrealistically high IQ?s, while still requiring
them to pay for it in some way.

>My two cents on this is that it isn't an action unless you want to
>sheath/sling/put away one weapon and get out another.  Getting a
>sword out of a scabbard is a lot easier than putting it back in...

   That sounds like a good way to go.  I'll try it out this Sunday.  Perhaps
an action should be required for drawing two or more weapons (like sword and
shield, or a handful of sha-ken) (?) but just one weapon takes no time.
Mmmm . . .

Dan writes . . .

>Well, ok ... let me rephrase that.  Having a talent means that the
>character has (more than likely) received some training with regard
>to that talent.  The discussion under MUNDANE TALENTS is illustrative
>here.  Cook is listed as a mundane talent.  Does this mean that a
>character needs to have a 'cooking' talent to be able to roast last
>nights catch or throw some greens in a pot?  No.  (If you want to
>taste good, thats another matter.  :) )  Do you need to be a
>carpenter to erect a lean-to?  No.  But a knowledge of carpentry
>might help you build a lean-to that will survive a thunderstorm or
>strong wind.

   I totally agree.  Many easy tasks should be allowed even if the figure
doesn't have the associated talent.

   Here's a couple of summoning spells to chew on . . .

SUMMON DOLPHIN (C): Brings a dolphin (ST 20, DX 10, IQ 11,
   MA 20 in water, nose ram does 1 die damage) to serve the wizard.
   Cost: 2 ST, plus 1 per turn to maintain.
SUMMON PONY (C): Brings a light horse (ST 22, DX 13, IQ 5,
   MA 30, kick does 1 die damage) ? complete with bridle and
   saddle ? to follow wizard?s orders.  Just the thing for a quick outdoor
   getaway.  Cost: 2 ST, plus 1 per turn to maintain.

Dave Seagraves
Seagraves Design Bureau   dseagraves@austin.rr.com   1 (512) 255-2760
"Being disintegrated makes me extremely angry!"

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