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RE: (TFT) RE: Brawling

Here is my take on the brawling talent:
IQ 7 BRAWLING (1). This talent gives the ability to fight with melee weapons
and in HTH. Any figure attempting the aforementioned types of battle without
this talent has a -2 AdjDX in either type of combat, due to fear of personal
injury and the intimidation of close quarters fighting. Also, damage done is
reduced by one. Note that animals and other creatures with IQ of 6 or under
do not require this skill to fight in HTH or to use natural weapons such as
claws and fangs. Also, it IS possible to learn a weapon talent but not be
able to truly "fight". Modern fencers, for example, know very well how to
use their mock swords in a structured duel complete with elaborate rules and
judges. It is less certain how well they'd fare in a no holds barred melee,
complete with the risk of actual physical harm or death/dismemberment...
Part of the reason I invented this one was to give a greater distinction
between true warriors and other non-fighter types such as thieves or
wizards. Also, it demonstrates the difference between flowery katas or
delicate fencing and the harsh realities of real combat. Real combat does
not concern itself with "rules" or preplanned situations - it is swift,
chaotic, brutal, and there are no referees.
Thus, a warrior will most likely have this talent, while a cuttpurse or cat
burgler may not. The thief may rely wholly on stealth and perhaps a sling
and knife in a pinch, but is not really prepared for a close encounter of
the "Human Tank" kind (even assuming better arms and armour).
Note that a Wizard's staff (per the spells) does not suffer any penalties,
since all that is required is a touch rather than the more involved use of
melee weapons.
I put it as a penalty rather than a damage bonus to reflect that (a) not
having it does hamper your ability to do battle and (b) so as not to step on
the turf of the Unarmed Combat talents.

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> IQ 8
> BRAWLING (1).  HTH fighting experience in cheap tricks: biting, gouging,
> throwing sand in opponents eyes, etc.  This talent allows the the
> character
> to do +1 damage in HTH combat ONLY.
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