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(TFT) Re: Brawling

Please don't think of me as blowing my horn over my brawling over Charles
brawling, as both are house rules.  I agree with Charles' premise of battles
not being like training situations.  The problem I see with Charles'
brawling is IQ cost, which is I believe too low for what the talent gives
you.    Also it complicates the game by adding a talent in order to use a
talent without DX minuses.  In order to get the sword talent without
minuses, the character would have to spend three IQ points.

In critiquing my own talent that is based upon dirty tricks I think the IQ
should go up to maybe IQ 9.  The idea that you have to think about the dirty
trick (I would some professional wrestlers have that amount of IQ) in combat
takes some thinking.

As I was reading Charles' brawling talent, I thought of a variation of his

IQ 9

ARMSMASTER  (1).  This character has been trained in the use of a variety of
weapons.  With this talent the character can use all IQ 7 weapon skills with
only a -2 DX default, rather than at -4 DX for lack of skill.  In order to
use a weapon at full proficiency, the character must buy the appropriate

What do ya think?

Cost too little?

I made it 1 IQ point because I looked at what the talent driver does for the
cost and made it, I believe, equal with what you get for what you pay for.
Not only drive a cart but ride a dinosaur?????

Yours in Cidri,

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