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RE: (TFT) Re: Brawling

Humpf! I like mine better, so nyah nyah.

Actually, the concerns raised here are legitimate. The cost is too low, in
retrospect. Two points is probably ideal. I don't see it as being all that
complicated, but it does raise things up a notch and is mildly inelegant,
for the reasons stated. I don't prefer Justin's version, but I will say he
did it right, in that by simply making it a +1 in HTH only, it works out
fairly well with the other Unarmed Combat talents. I don't think the IQ need
be increased, as the "dirty tricks" strike me as being more instinctive then
anything else. It's more a matter of aggression than skill.

What I'm trying to address is a subtler problem, that covers both "realism"
and game balance to a lesser extent. Being a warrior involves more than just
the skill needed to use melee weapons; one has to overcome certain
instinctive responses to battle. For example, one instinct is to flinch when
swung at, which can be detrimental. Also, one must unlease one's "aggressive
instincts" to be really effective.

This last is why the military still trains its footsoldiers in the use of
the bayonet. While there is seldom any military need for it (the number of
bayonetings in recent conflicts has been vanishingly small) the training is
still used to help the recruits unlearn their inhibitions and instincts and
prepare them for battle. It is very effective at that.

>From a game perspective, using my version of brawling draws a clearer
distinction not only between warriors and wizards, but warriors and rogues,
thieves, priests, etc. So when making a character there are some distinct
"career paths" -

Wizard - obvious
Warrior - classed as hero, must take "brawling" to be minimally effective,
in addition to weapon talents.
Thief - Various thief talents (silent move, thief, master thief, etc.)
Priest - Priest and Theologian

Again, these are just suggestions. I like them, but I doubt anyone else
will. And that's ***fine***! To those who see utility here, bon appetit!

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> Please don't think of me as blowing my horn over my brawling over Charles
> brawling, as both are house rules.  I agree with Charles' premise of
> battles
> not being like training situations.  The problem I see with Charles'
> brawling is IQ cost, which is I believe too low for what the talent gives
> you.    Also it complicates the game by adding a talent in order to use a
> talent without DX minuses.  In order to get the sword talent without
> minuses, the character would have to spend three IQ points.
> In critiquing my own talent that is based upon dirty tricks I think the IQ
> should go up to maybe IQ 9.  The idea that you have to think about the
> dirty
> trick (I would some professional wrestlers have that amount of IQ) in
> combat
> takes some thinking.
> As I was reading Charles' brawling talent, I thought of a variation of his
> idea.
> IQ 9
> ARMSMASTER  (1).  This character has been trained in the use of a variety
> of
> weapons.  With this talent the character can use all IQ 7 weapon skills
> with
> only a -2 DX default, rather than at -4 DX for lack of skill.  In order to
> use a weapon at full proficiency, the character must buy the appropriate
> skill.
> What do ya think?
> Cost too little?
> I made it 1 IQ point because I looked at what the talent driver does for
> the
> cost and made it, I believe, equal with what you get for what you pay for.
> Not only drive a cart but ride a dinosaur?????
> Yours in Cidri,
> Justin
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