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(TFT) Readying weapons

This is in relationship to readying weapons.  It has been stated,

<<<Getting a>sword out of a scabbard is a lot easier than putting it back
in... ><<<

This is true for returning your weapon but it is not much easier to take it
out (personal experience with both a sword and bayonet).  Remember taking a
sword out while in a combat situation is different than just standing there
with no distractions.  It would take at least two seconds to draw the weapon
(grab hold of the scabbard with one hand while grabbing the hilt of the
sword with the other = 1 second.  Drawing the sword out = another second)
and then putting your weapon in a truly ready position adding another
second.   This is a total of three seconds of the five second round.  A lot
of a typical TFT combat round, I believe, is looking for a hole in the
defenders defenses in order to attain a hit.  Allowing a character to ready
a weapon at the same time they use it, without a talent, unbalances reality
as well as the game.  Although players would like it!

Yours in Cidri,

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