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(TFT) Re: Mundane talents/skill points

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 The problem with this is fleshing out a "ROLEPLAYING" Character and I
that is why everyone over the past two weeks has been on the topic of
talents and getting more of them to start with.<

I generally agree with pretty much everything you said about the topic of
talents/skills and whatnot, but sentances like this always scare me.

The logical extreme of defining a character through game mechanics is both
Champions and GURPS where everything about the character has a game
mechanic to go with it. And that doesn't by itself make for better

I personally think it's just the opposite. The more you have to think about
your game mechanics, the less roleplaying your thinking about....

So for me, the best part about TFT is that the mechanics are only
'background' material - they don't really have a whole lot to *do* with
roleplaying - merely the 'mechanics' of how many points of damage, how much
you can heal, how many spells you can get off, etc. 

But all the roleplaying, all the things that make a character 'special' and
memorable, have nothing to do with their game stats. Which IMHO is how it
should be. I can't look at your character sheet in TFT and "know" the
character. I can only see it in action to know how well it plays..

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