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(TFT) Re: Mundane talents/skill points

In answer to all the folks that mention that there are some inherent mundane
talents that the character brings with them (ie. farmer, cook, etc.).  Read
pg. 12 third paragraph first column.  "In general, a character cannot
attempt something if he/she doesn't have a talent for it .  Some things
(i.e., using a sword, spying) maybe attempted by anyone, but the character
without it is at a severe disadvantage", and it continues to state, "In the
game, as in real life, attempting to do something you don't understand can
lead to disaster" or too much salt in the soup.  Clear and to the point!

 The problem with this is fleshing out a "ROLEPLAYING" Character and I think
that is why everyone over the past two weeks has been on the topic of
talents and getting more of them to start with.

As for this,

"Skill Points"
doesnt work fo me because TFT doesn't really have "skills".

All I can say to this is define the word "talent" without using any word
that in some way means skill.  Also look at the description of a talent
itself and a lot of times you will see the word "skilled used".  The word
means natural ability, skill, or aptitude.  Perhaps instead we should call
them "aptitudes".  It's only a word.  The reason Skill Points were mentioned
rather than adjIQ is because of "possible" confusion when gaming.

If we keep this up it won't be a dead game no longer.  Keep the comments and
suggestions coming everyone.  To paraphrase Voltaire, I may not like your
suggestions but I'll defend your right to have them.

Thanks, Joe

Yours in Cidri,

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